What I am doing day by day.

My Golf Philosophy

Golf: Best game’s ever played

Golf can reflect your life by display into 18 holes. You can get a simulated output from passion, abilities, competency, attitude, determination, wise, planning, consistensy & others factors els neccessary into this game. More you play, more you would seduced into it. Becuase you want to improve yourself more. Golf will test you & drive you to the limit that you wish. However, Believe me, you will never win this game, it only play. I do agree. Golf is the best game’s ever played.

Game of Timing & Patient

Since I was born, I have learned and I am still learning until the end of my day all about timing & patient. When I have a goal to success, there are overwhelming of expectation. If I have no goals & expectations, I don’t know how build my determination for myself. However, everything always has two sides of the coin. Expectation could distract what I am doing by reduce our concentration, focusing, even reduce our physical ability. It seem like the war in mind until I can not control my swing, espacially timing. More expectation I have, more force I put into my swing. Then, result is top the ball. Solution to this problem is “patient”.  Longer club is more patient is going to be. Longer club has a big palimeter with the strength is limited. Then, I can not creat club head speed less than shorter club.I can only wait & wait until my long club head come to the right position to impact with the maximum force I could have.

2 Responses to Golf: Best game’s ever played

As usual, I explained why the way of Golf can compair to the way of  Budhism. Everything strated with expection or hope depen upon to each individual. I call this step “Passion”. Second, we have to plan how to execute correctly under a thousand factors. I call this step “Wisdom”. Third, it is “Execution” step. We have to creat a continuosely consistant swing without contaninated of any tarnish in your mind. You need to execute as good as speed & control meet in harmony. So, Peaceful has to occur in your mind during swing. We have to clear our mind by setting an expectation or hope beside, trusting the plan & considering non interferences, keeping balance between speed & control. Finally, we have admitte to any results that happen under the circumstant executed before. Then, learn with it and practise it. Then, cycle is stared, again.

Few days ago, I have chance to explain again to someone who want to know why I love to play golf. I did explain like the way as usual. However, I did add one more thing it is “Believe”. Beside a good practice with a right metal of playing. I need to believe in good result that could be. Do you believe that did good will get good in return. Whenever, I swing the club I need to believe in myself that I could made this shot beautiful. Then it will be so. The one who discuss with me look surprise & hard to believe in what I just said. I did not believed when I first heard about it. However, there is no another way els. I learn to believe myself more & more. My game will improve.


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