What I am doing day by day.

Ever since 2005, I haven’t meet K. Tuay. His employed company held the golf event at Vintage Golf Club.


If I am not wrong, all men love car. They give us an freedom, an identity & fun. But cars are not just I said, It is my friend &  my past Each of them is my friend, my partner & my witness of  any important events in my life. I wish to build and old cars that involve with my life. Make it the way my wife & I want. So, I gave each project accroding to my wife nick mane, “Apple”.

I wish you enjoy how I rebuild them.

I have been working with my older brother business eversince  I graduated in 1997. I work as Business Development therefore I do have traveling quit often than other in my company. Moreover, I love to have after-work activities with my employees. I love to share with you.

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